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Tenblocks aims to take storytelling to a new level. Stepping away from merely telling stories, Tenblocks is - as the millennials like to say - unboxing stories instead. Peeling layer after layer to reveal more than what we thought was possible. We go deeper, more imaginative, and more meaningful than the old ways of story telling. We unbox these stories through ten uniquely designed and curated rooms that are all connected to one another, and together deliver a powerful, resonating tale to all who experience them.

In its first incarnation, Tenblocks proudly introduce "The Dream Factory", an immersive experience that will engage all of our five senses. Visitors - or 'dreamers' - will be taken on a journey through the human sleep cycle. The journey begins when we close our eyes, and ends the minute we are welcomed back to reality. Visitors will be challenged to think, imagine, and ultimately be brave enough to take actions to make their dreams a reality. So are you ready to dream?

What to Expect

chapter 1: the dream factory

What to Expect

chapter 1: the dream factory

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